Living well

The wardrobe is here, finally. It’s huge, at least compared with the gaping hole that’s no longer occupying the corner of my bedroom. Much shuffling of drawer contents, shelves and the like to follow this afternoon and evening.

Meanwhile, out to the local Indian veg shop for some cabbage; it’s increasingly like a deli, lacking only marinated anchovies to be, well, basically, Peckham’s at half the price. Today they had – da-da-daaa! – Earl Grey mustard, a product for which I’ve been searching since I managed mysteriously to lose my last jar almost two years ago. Terrific stuff.

Then a late lunch in the tea shop: more dahl, and a most excellent and surprising red Yunnan tea: smokey, but less so than lapsang souchong, and also florid.

It’s a hard life.

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