The continued adventures of the furniture deliveries

Hello Mr. Sanderson, we’re just calling to confirm your delivery tomorrow of a chest of drawers and two trunks. It’ll be between nine and eleven o’clock.

A two-hour window; they missed by an hour and a half. To their credit, however, the chaps who turned up were extremely patient with the concept that I was still in bed. And the wood, I discover, is very nearly the same as the backs of my internal doors. I knew I’d seen it somewhere before.

Just the errant wardrobe to arrive, now. It should have turned up yesterday, but apparently there was a mix-up with faxes and whether the shop assistant Geoff actually has a clue, and it didn’t so much as move off the shop floor. Between nine and twelve, they say, but it’s the same company as the other stuff, so…

1 thought on “The continued adventures of the furniture deliveries”

  1. Hmmm, they obviously need to take a leaf out of BT’s book and just tell you, “Sometime today”, and then promise you they’ll try their hardest to keep to that ‘appointment’, cough…
    I find it far more useful spending all day at home waiting for someone.

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