Scotch Bonnets

Holy cow, Scotch Bonnets are hot. Around the quarter-million Scoville mark, up there with Habanero; cf. wussy Jalapeno at 2,500 or so.

They also have a delightful fruity taste. No, really, they do. In those brief moments between stuffing one’s face with yoghurt in a vain attempt to quell the sensation of imminent death, there’s something almost summer-fruit about them.

I love them.

In moderation.

4 thoughts on “Scotch Bonnets”

  1. Excellent! Someone else I can quote to back up what I’ve been saying for years.
    I’ve always loved tabasco for the fresh and fruity taste (a couple of shots, and you notice it more). I noticed the same things in Scotch Bonnets too. But I could never persuade anyone, normally due to their experiencing the whole sensation of imminent death thing. Until!… the tabasco cookie[1]. Mix any chili or chili-based sauce with enough sugar and even the wimpiest will experience the flavour.
    Now, who fancies a handful of baby chilis? C’mo-o-on, they’re only babies… Martin? >:->
    [1] Cookie is used deliberately here to indicate the stereotypical American cookie i.e. 8-10cm in diameter, mostly sugar and butter, with chocolate chips for good measure, crunchy at the edge and progressively chewier towards the center.

  2. I am also agreed. They are fruitier than habenero. When smoked they have a wonderfly complex flavor. I don’t quite have kevin’s heat tollerance, so I usually have to cut them with other foods to avoid blowing the top of my head off, but they are quite delicious.

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