There’s an awful lot of green slime in my life today. Which is something of a bind, since as a result, last night I missed Gavin’s stand-up act again. After he was mentioned in The Times, no less (sorry – they’re subscription-only, so no link. He was quoted offering less than encouraging words to a Times journo who’s trying the stand-up thing. ‘But… don’t you know? Glasgow’s death for stand-ups!’).

Not much else to report. Windows SP2 has broken all sorts of unexpected things, but on the plus side, XP no longer attempts to mysteriously wrest DHCP duties from my LAN. Which is a good thing. Also, my absolute favourite Windows website (at least in terms of frequency of visits), Windows Update, is dramatically better than it used to be. Make no mistake, Microsoft’s stuff is getting better. It’s just getting better less quickly than Linux and the Mac OS. Which, in the medium term, is a bit of a problem for them.

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