Johnny Ball

I’m slightly disappointed that Johnny Ball didn’t slag off my shows, last night. He was the guest speaker at the graduation show for the Imperial College Science Communication and Science Media Production MSc courses; I toddled along because I infrequently employ people off the course, and while they’re often a bit cocky they’re also usually quite good.

A useful evening, though the assemblage of ‘students’ and ‘TV/print/charity types’ led to a somewhat amusing atmosphere of touting and sharking, à la early university parties. While it was more about work than other pairings, the age differences made it seem agreeably seedy.

Johnny was rather good value – just gloss over his views on the greenhouse effect – and it was a pleasure to chat to him. He’s dead keen to write some maths items for How2, on which offer I might actually take him up.

Right: today, Pioneer Productions (hopefully – bumped into a contact at the bash last night and we’re going to try to meet up this morning) and Initial. Tomorrow: Maidstone for The Foundation and maybe Media Merchants. Must get cracking.

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