Let’s tilt again, like we didn’t last Summer…

“Ladies and gentlemen, I’m pleased to announce that the train is now running at its maximum speed of a hundred and twenty-five miles an hour, and is operating in tilting mode. I’m less pleased to report that due to a shortage of catering staff the shop can serve only tea and coffee, and the boiler’s broken so right now it’s not even doing that. On behalf of Virgin Trains I’d like to apologise for living up your expectations.”

Actually, the journey was very pleasant. The trains are quiet and smooth, and Virgin’s staff notably human. For my money, however, the only advantage of First over Standard is the power socket in the table. Yes, the seats are spaced more widely, but they also recline at a ludicrous angle which proves distinctly uncomfortable after six hours. And thanks to a fancy lighting system, headroom is down to only 6′, too. Bizarre.

Back in Glasgow, anyway. London a hoot; meetings useful if not directly productive; friends amusing; etc etc.

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