Henley on Thames. And Granada, and …

At the Henley Regatta this year, a large drama crew was poddling around. Looks like the result is Midsomer Murders, on ITV1 tomorrow at 9pm. I believe they were filming in the country club opposite the Steward’s enclosure, so it should provide a reasonable idea of just how barking the whole thing is.

Update: Monday 18th.
Well, that was fun. The abysmally slow racing starts were, I thought, the most glaring goof: second up was the director’s delight in reinforcing the idea that the actors were in the boats by ensuring thoroughly alarming quantities of splashing occurred behind their heads, apparently quite independently of any stroke movement.

However, to my heavily jaded but only vaguely knowledgeable eye, it held together rather better than I’d expected. Nonsense, of course, but probably less nonsense than the near-total absence of proper police procedure. And at least some of the rowing looked vaguely exciting, in stark contrast to John Nettles’ acting. Has he been dope-tested for performance-decreasing drugs?

Henley, meanwhile, looked suitably blazered. Insufficient Pimm’s in evidence, however. Shocking!

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