Happy New Year

Oh, so much to catch up with, but all in good time. Having started with food poisoning, my Christmas rapidly improved. The improvement (and not the food poisoning) had a substantial amount to do with my sister’s mushroom, port and cheesey polenta bake concoction, but probably rather more to do with my nephew Stanley.

New Year involved the Cheshire crowd again, with board games, a jolly walk, fine food, and superb wines. Company wasn’t bad, either. And I even survived the drive up in the ice and fog.

So, 2005, eh? This is where I say something erudite and oh-so-witty about hopes, expectations, or somesuch.

I’m sure it’ll come. Bound to. Any second now. Um…

1 thought on “Happy New Year”

  1. ’twas the season to be jolly and eat cheesy polenta bakes. I was tucking into the very same dish at my sisters – chestnut and mushrooms in there somewhere, I think? It all got a bit hazy after the second champagne cocktail sloshed down on top of the beer and half a bottle of argie syrrah (hic)…

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