Hold the front page!

In a shocking revelation, Germaine Greer has discovered that Big Brother is more than a little unpleasant. Press coverage of her miraculous (re)conversion; summary of the critics‘ line on her participation.

As for bullying… twelve years ago, following a somewhat turgidly ranting public lecture, I enquired of a Cambridge academic if they’d seen the cover story in that week’s Nature, which somewhat comprehensively demolished the central thrust of their evening’s tirade (sadly, I forget the subject). I suppose I expected either a rebuttal, or an indication that no, they hadn’t seen the paper. What I got was a vitriolic stream of invective, questioning my right to raise any questions at all on the grounds of my youth, degree subject choice, and gender. It was as shocking an example of academic bullying as I’ve seen, the authority figure tearing into the naïve student, who had no right (nor stomach) for reply. The academic? Why, Germaine Greer, of course.

She’s occasionally funny and very occasionally incisive. She probably wrote some significant stuff some time ago. But enough, already.

2 thoughts on “Hold the front page!”

  1. I must admit when I heard, disappointedly, that yet another Big Bo*&%cks was being thrown onto Channel 4, I was somewhat surprised to see her name on the list of “Celebrities” in the house.
    As for her reaction to it, she obviously has been living in a cave the last few years and not read any papers, online comment, or even caught a glimpse of it on TV.
    What’s really shocking is that it seems she’d not even thought about watching previous series before agreeing to be part of this trash. Perhaps the money meant more to her than her credibility…

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