What star sign are you?

Glorious, utterly glorious screed against bunk in the Guardian. By way of example:

“What star sign are you?”

“I’m whatever sign whose prediction this week read, ‘On Sunday, a friend who has masqueraded as a rational human being for the 15 years of your acquaintance will stand revealed before you as just another cack-brained, gibbering fool swirling in a festering cesspit of stupidity’.”

[Update: Daniel has pointed out that I’ve known him for almost fifteen years.]

5 thoughts on “What star sign are you?”

  1. In the excellent television programme The Tribe this week, the wise man of the tribe was foretelling the future by studying the entrails of a goat. How amusing and primitive! – – except that many members of so-called Western civilised society try to do exactly the same thing by studying the stars as if they were white blobs of cotton-wool on a black blanket. Yet these same people would mock the use of the goat’s entrails, wouldn’t they?

  2. I’d take it a lot [b]less[/b] seriously if the first astrologer I’d ever seen didn’t say…
    “Hrm… (astro gibberish here) – looks like you almost died by violence sometime around the age of four or five?”
    Now, she was off by a couple of years, but you don’t have to have stuff like that happen very often to take a thing seriously.

  3. Yeah, but Vinay – as I’ve often observed, you’ve had a life so screwed-up it’s not even vaguely plausible that you’re anything other than a fictional character. So what are you saying here? Astrologers can make up accurate stuff about somebody who can only rationally exist in the imaginations of others anyway? *That’s* your argument? Sheesh!

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