Union Jack

In an almost certainly vain attempt to prove to Daniel that I’m not an irredeemable left-winger: How to draw the Union Jack. And, yes, it can be called the ‘Union Jack,’ even though a jack is traditionally a slightly different size of flag flown from the prow of a ship. It turns out that’s not a very old tradition, the use of the term has been sanctioned by both the Royal Navy and parliament anyway, and… read the site. It’s quite interesting.

2 thoughts on “Union Jack”

  1. I’d be happy to confirm for Daniel that you are by no stretch of the imagination a ‘left-winger’ of any description … irredeemable or otherwise. I think you fall down on the old ‘ownership of the means of production’ issue. Although obviously you are very independently minded with a social conscience, and all that blather. Do you think Gavin is a ‘redeemable’ right winger?

  2. More middle class pretensions.
    And what pray is the redemption value of a left wing media type prone to procrastination and making scrambled egg like cous cous?

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