End of series

An unexpected feature of television – one suspects, any project-based work – is the curious ennui one feels following completion of the last gig.

Yes, we’ve wrapped on Mechannibals, the final show being recorded in Rugby over the last few days. Not my favourite, actually, mostly because we were all knackered and it was consequently more difficult than it strictly needed to be. But the machines were massively different, amusing in their performances, and basically worked – which puts the series average at some ridiculous percentage that’s pretty much unprecedented for this sort of thing. Job done, basically.

Nevertheless, a curious feeling. The usual wrap euphoria seems to exactly balance the inevitable relief at having survived a shoot which has been, at times… shall we say ‘difficult’? It’s a somewhat familiar situation, to be honest, though either I’m getting less thick-skinned as the years go on, or the series was genuinely more like hard work than is common.

What usually happens – and doubtless will in this case – is that the memory of the angst fades more quickly than that of the joy, with the slightly bizarre result that television is, for the most part, something one enjoys doing predominantly in retrospect. I’ve remarked on this previously, but as some of you have been aware, Mechannibals has been somewhat starker than most. But hey, we survived; nobody was seriously injured; we had moments and even extended periods of considerable fun; and the results coming out of the edit suites are really rather good.

Speaking of results – those of you in the UK should be able to see the series on BBC2 later in the year. Most likely 7:30pm, midweek, perhaps from August. I will, of course, post here when I know for sure. My current best guess is that it’ll be a heap of fun to watch, so look out for it.

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