Best. Work. Story. Ever.

Some random linkbloggery; so, I’m trying to find out what the developer gossip is from WWDC – whether people’s code really has compiled to Mac OS X on Intel. Cocoalicious came over, as did NetNewsWire and MarsEdit, and Delicious Library too. Yay! Expect to see a crowing Apple press release about how marvelously it’s all going, any day now. Anyway, along the way I read about a chap called Eric Albert, who’s revealed to have been working on the Intel transition at Apple. Now, I’m sure I used to read his blog, but I’m stuffed if I can find it in my subscriptions, so I head over to Eric’s site. I skim through and my eye alights on a link to this story about doing laundry at Google.

Where do I want to go today? Oh, you know, I’m just meandering around.

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