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So I had a huge and somewhat witty post mostly written about my escapades trying to convince Orange that I (a.) exist, (b.) am who I claim to be, and (c.) should be allowed back into their big happy family despite (d.) confusing them mightily because they failed to close my account properly eighteen months ago, and according to their database I was already a customer with the same number I was now attempting to transfer back to them. All of which was complicated by my (e.) not being able to proffer the requisite thirteen separate sources of identity and address confirmation, on account of my gas and electricity being provided by the same supplier, despite the fact that they are – much to my ongoing irritation – treated entirely independently by unsaid supplier, to the extent that not only are the bill layouts entirely different, but both arms of the supplier send multiple inspectors to read the meters. Often on the same day. On occasion, at the same time. Once, it was the same person… with different appointments on his job sheet, the poor lad. He’d been walking in circles all day.

However, since I seem to have written a précis, I shall spare you the long version. The bottom line is that I finally have a new mobile phone, replacing my decrepit-to-the-point-of-being-held-together-with-gaffer-tape Z600 (and the not-even-gaffer-tape-can-save-them-O2) with a shiny new K750i and Orange.

The K750, then. It is, quite frankly, an object of tremendous marvelousness. If you’ve seen the immensely-popular K700… it’s not like one of those, only with a 2 megapixel autofocus camera and a Memory Stick Duo slot. In terms of solidity, design coherency and general oozing of classiness, it’s right up there with the T610. I’ve even managed to hack something in some OS X plist somewhere to get it working with Address Book and iSync while Apple get their act together, which makes me sufficiently happy I can almost put up with it not being a clamshell or flip design. Ah well, one can’t have everything.

One also can’t have, apparently, stability. The daft thing keeps locking up on the screensaver, currently with a half-life of around four hours. Yes, you read that right: it crashes several times a day. Turns out, I’m not alone: one thread, and another, and a third.

Dear Steve: can we get that Apple iPhone now, please? Thanks.

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