BIG – second post

Day two was better than day one. Inevitable, given the presence of the internationally-reknowned Best Demo competition, but there was also a somewhat freer air. I suspect many of us had decided we weren’t going to prefer the more formal approach and had resolved to enjoy it regardless, which certainly helped.

I’ll likely post some session notes at some point, but to be honest I wasn’t there for the programme. For me, the attraction is the unusual mix of people. It was good to see so many new faces this year, and to put faces to names from the chat list. There was, however, a particularly lovely flame vortex experiment…

I didn’t win Best Demo, incidentally: not entirely surprising considering that my act consisted mostly of a badly-timed and arguably not very funny gag attempting to poke fun at the perceived cliquiness of the group. The demo, such as it was, didn’t actually work, but that was at least progress from my entry last year, for which I attempted a demo I genuinely couldn’t do. It’s not clear I’ve got the hang of this.

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