For reasons that will likely never become entirely clear, I find myself sitting in the eternally grim Heathrow gate 5 lounge (aside: why is Heathrow so much less pleasant than Gatwick?). I’m en route to Newcastle, a curious choice considering that I live in Glasgow, and indeed have no business on Tyneside. However, since my car is at Newcastle airport, it seems I’m traveling to, via, etc. I’ve been merrily trotting out some quip about ‘beating the congestion charge by parking in Newcastle,’ but frankly this now rings a tad hollow.

My flight, you see, was at 15:55. I, conversely, arrived at the airport somewhat too late to take that. Had it been delayed, even modestly, I’d have been able to sprint/run/shamble with additional alacrity and, most likely, would now be in Glasgow. However, it was not delayed. Unlike every subsequent flight. The 8:45 is currently scheduled for 9:30, which gets me home at something like… you know, really, I just don’t wish to think about that.

London, anyway. OpenTech and stuff. Fun. More anon.

Update: Arrived home at 2am. 13 hours or so travel from Stoke Newington. Ugh.

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