Did I call that or what?

While I’m on the subject of music – as you may know I’ve spent most of the year banging on about a band called The Go! Team and their album Thunder, Lightning, Strike! I think we’ve used some of their stuff as incidental music in Mechannibals, but if it had been up to me we’d have approached them for a title theme (mind you, McDonald’s were in touch as well, about six months earlier).

Anyway, they’re on the Mercury Prize shortlist (stupid Flash site, impossible to link to properly – try the BBC instead, but skip the review that gets off on rather the wrong footing by getting the album title wrong, then falls right off the rails by spelling ‘Lightning’ wrong.).

Upshot: all of you people who’ve been laughing at me because I’m not ‘hip’ and ‘down’ and clearly I know nothing about music: you can piss right off. Did I not also call Franz (three months after the people who really know but still) six months before you? Wasn’t I waxing lyrical about A Little Less Conversation in much the same way, a year before that?

Finger on the bloody pulse, me. No, really. Stop laughing at the back, I ruddy well have. Tsk.

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