Home, sweet home.

Born and brought up in Hull, me. No, really.

My favourite quote from that page:

Once a week The Hull Daily Mail leads with an article about the latest great scheme for the town centre invariably accompanied by an artists impression which looks like it came from the Eagle in the 1950’s.

My chum Daniel, meanwhile, went to school in Yarm. The joke is that he actually paid for that, a thought which never ceases to make me chuckle. Mind you, I now live in Glasgow so I’m not sure who gets the last laugh.

7 thoughts on “Home, sweet home.”

  1. Richard: Humph. I fixed the blockquotes a couple of weeks ago, but somehow the stylesheet has reverted. Sorry, I’ll get a round tuit. In the meantime, you can always increase your browser font size (command+=)… though I agree that you shouldn’t have to.
    Rosie: Have I looked out of the window recently? My office doesn’t have windows! 🙁
    Patrick: There’s only one Patrick I know who uses that line on a regular basis. If you are he: welcome. If you are not he: welcome anyway. And they say life is a zero-sum game…

  2. Yes it’s me Jonathan. Stumbled upon you. Currently working with your Big Bang exec on Jungle Run. Very nice.

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