3 thoughts on “Ulp”

  1. Oh, bravo! I can’t believe I missed that one.
    Incidentally, I just happened to catch a report from the safari park on BBC News 24. They repeated the reassurance that there’s never actually been an incident of the pride picking off the lame Fortwo at the back of the pack and devouring it (comforting, I thought). And, nevertheless, they again claimed to be ‘prepared’ for any such event. By, you know, having staff scattered around with video cameras to be sure they caught the moment?
    I’m just glad my smart is the targa version, and not the rag top.

  2. Smart Targa, hmmmmm…..
    Rumours that they’ve banned Vauxhall’s Tigra’s from the park are total unsubstantiated, and reports of Seat L-ions being forceably removed…
    I’ll get me coat!

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