Mechannibals transmission back to ‘uncertain’ again

That’s odd. I was under the impression that Mechannibals was due on BBC2 at 8pm next Monday, but it looks like Map Man is starting instead. Do still watch it – my chum Richard was one of the directors – but… darn! My parents happen to be in Glasgow and everything; I was going to have a little TX party.


6 thoughts on “Mechannibals transmission back to ‘uncertain’ again”

  1. Ah, yes, you see. Off the back of Coast. Because it’s the only time anyone’s ever going to get excited about Nick Crane.

    There isn’t a regional change is there?

  2. Who won at the end of the first program? I missed the last 30 seconds when it was 1 vote each from the first two judges!

  3. The Smiths won. While the Hockey’s machine could clearly have continued and done similar damage, they ran out of time to get the clutch fixed; the Smiths did more damage in rather less time and in worse conditions (the rain was incessant that day). I believe the judges felt the machines were evenly-matched for ingenuity, and hence awarded the win on performance grounds. Which seems fair to me.

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