I’m fine! [collapses out of shot]

Too knackered to say much, but so far filming is going pretty well. We’ve had all the usual worries, plus a few more (‘Do the pictures really look like that? They can’t, can they? Eek!’ followed – a day later – by ‘Ah, no, the video line out is just shitty, that’s all. It really looks like [cranks chroma] that.’ ‘Ooooooh purty!’), but we’ve cracked through some very fun stuff today. The plan, such as it was, is pretty much intact – but then, the plan calls for a ‘major format crisis’ at roughly 6pm tomorrow. I’d say we’re on schedule, but such things are never as bad if one makes prior arrangements.

So it’s looking good. It looks cheap, right enough, but nowhere near as cheap as it really is, prompting some very interesting discussions about why this isn’t as scarily long-term self-defeating as one might expect. Of which more anon.

The main thing is that it really is turning out to be a heap of fun. We all got tired late this afternoon (credit to Gavin for having the stamina of an ox and keeping his brain in gear when the rest of us had lapsed to autopilot), but somewhere in the middle there I was having an absolute blast. This lasted until I realised that some of what I’m doing isn’t going to cut together very smoothly, but hey – all the smart kids are cutting from static to moving shots these days, right?

Also, this blog received its first official recognition, in the form of a freebie bottle of wine from Stormhoek. On which definitely more, soon.

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