She say yes!

Reading that headline, I realise I may have raised expectations rather. Er… no, I’ve not asked anyone to marry me. What I’m referring to was this afternoon’s State Visit to Studio by our Commissioning Editor, which is one of those events one dreads because It Could All Go Badly Wrong.

It didn’t. She loves the set, thinks our presenter Will is terrific (and she’s going to love Lynda, who’s playing Nan), had very few script notes – only one of which I took serious issue with – and seemed to thoroughly enjoy the stuff she saw shot. Even though we were cooped up at the back of set shooting fiddly little items that were the dullest things we’ve done so far.

So I’m a happy little producer/director. The Boss has seen where her money’s going, and appears genuinely delighted we’ve stretched it as far as we have.

On the other hand, it’s still all going rather more slowly than it needs to, at least to achieve what we set out to do. However, the boss seems happy that we’re doing the best we can, and while she’d obviously like to be kept informed she’s OK with the concept of us making compromises as necessary to get it done. It’s an experimental series, and I think she’s now grasped what it is we’re trying to do with it. Also, we think we know what we’re going to sort it all out; I’ve been rejigging, and tomorrow we should have a better idea if we’re right.

We’ve a week to pick up the pieces before we’re back in studio again, so overall I’m very happy. We’re having a blast shooting the thing, the unexpected pros and cons of making TV this way are fascinating, and hence we’re learning heaps. Rock on, basically.

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