There’s something primal about making television

This week, I’m filming Scrap It!, and as usual one of the weird aspects of being in studio is that one doesn’t see daylight. Since about 3pm on Sunday, I’ve seen half-light early in the morning… and that’s it. I’ve been aware that it’s been raining – hard – since I’ve had to repeat takes to avoid particularly bad thrashing rain sounds seeping onto the audio tracks. But that’s been my closest connection to the real world.

When it’s all over, my list of desires runs something like:

  1. Sleep for a full night.
  2. Eat well. Specifically, eat lots of vegetables.
  3. Stand in the weather, whatever it is.
  4. Listen to the second half of the Today programme, rather than the first half or – if things have gone really badly – Farming Today.

Such forces have, one suspects, driven mankind since we first learned to walk upright.

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