Wind reel and print

Scrap It! is out of studio. It’s finished. Out of time. Done. Dusted. Over. We have – to use the jargon – wrapped. Hoo-ruddy-rah.

It was rather good fun in the end. All a bit mad, but much better this week than last. There are parts which will make me wince when I see them back in the edit, but rather more that will make me laugh. I’ll be fascinated to see how it all goes together, and while some of it will doubtless be cringe-worthy, most’s really not at all bad. And nobody got too snappy, we all had something resembling fun, and we’re all still on speaking terms.

We didn’t quite get everything done that we hoped to, but that’s partly because we kept adding stuff. I’m confident there’s a series’-worth in the can, and if I’m wrong we still have a contingency plan. But I’m seriously looking forward to the edit next week. In the meantime, however, I feel a very significant sleep may be in the offing.

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