Lecture musical

A sometime colleague of mine theorises that any noun can be turned into a west-end musical by the simple addition of an exclamation mark. For example: Squid! works better than you’d expected, right? How about Elastomer!, or maybe Sprocket!. Hair! has, of course, already been done.

Thus: Teach!, inexplicably called Reach! on the video itself, which is clearly a typo. Or something. It appears to be a bunch of students doing the sort of thing students do, only with amplification, multiple video cameras and perhaps a little more panache than most of us managed back in the day. Made me laugh, anyway. Linky to Quicktime video: enjoy.

There are more videos too, though they’re mildly obfuscated by one of those annoyingly slow Flash interfaces, and there’s nothing I can see about the perpetrators.

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