Newton internals

In preparation for ditching my Demon dialup account (yes, I still have that), I recently yanked all the website rubbish that was there. Nothing had been touched in something like five years, and has its mitts on it anyway, so I figured it didn’t really matter.

Of course, the next day somebody got in touch asking where something had gone – specifically, the wonderful X-Ray image of a Newton MessagePad 2100 that Martin took, waaaay back in the day. I still had the originals of course, and happily the somebody – Grant Hutchinson, take a bow – has now posted the scan to Flickr. Not only that, but he’s improved on the original by annotating as many of the bits as he can make out.

Ah, Newton. Mine’s still in a state of torpor, since there’s data on it I don’t wish to lose (notes written during my US road trip), but I don’t think it’s ever going to boot again without being brain-wiped. Bit of a dilemma, that, and as a result I haven’t used it in two years. I miss it. Still the most elegant user interface designed.

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