Stalking Eddie Mair

The other mildly bizarre blogworld thing to have happened last week goes like this; two-and-a-half years ago I posted a quote from Eddie Mair on PM which rather amused me. Six months later, I noted that a surprising number of visitors reach my blog via a Google search for ‘Eddie Mair,’ (still in the top 10!) and hypothesised that a Mair-stalking blog would be a sure-fire Google hit.

Well… Roland McLain-Smith has recently started exactly that blog: Eddie Mair Watch. I know this because he’s quoted my original story, linked to The Daily Grind, and left a polite comment informing me. Which is all well and good and perfectly reasonable and even rather amusing, but… but… actually, no, I suppose it isn’t stalking. Quite.

Still a bit weird, though. I wonder what Eddie thinks?

Oh, and if you’ve no idea who this Mair character is – Wikipedia can, as ever, fill you in.

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