Christmas Lectures update

Meanwhile, the Christmas Lectures continue apace. We’ve been frighteningly busy this week with one thing and another, and my script editing hasn’t been going as quickly as any of us would have liked. I really should have bundled up one of the scripts and handed it to somebody else a fortnight back, but heigh-ho.

Last Monday, however, we had a rehearsal day with audiences, performing a very early version of the first lecture. We’d been skeptical beforehand about how valuable it was likely to be, but as is usually the case the teenage mob turned into a fantastic, constructively critical bunch who almost willed us to make the thing better. An extremely useful day.

However, we’ve only a few weeks to go. Eek!

If anyone reading this is within striking distance of London, by the way, tickets are available via the Royal Institution’s website. 11-14s particularly welcome.

2 thoughts on “Christmas Lectures update”

  1. Mrs Nige and I always watch these shows. I didn’t realise they were a JS production. Good luck with it all, and don’t kill any kids.

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