A project I’d very much like to see succeed;, an online television channel dedicated to science content.

I met Matt Thurling, one of the chaps behind it, the other week, and he’s an interesting guy. There are all sorts of problems with what he’s trying to do, but sometimes you have to just assume it’ll all work out and press ahead anyway. And while I’ve a vested interest in it coming off, in that I’d like to make shows for them, I’m also sufficiently idealistic about science media to just plain hope it works too.

Go and have a look, folks, and join in the discussions too – I know several readers here are involved in the more popular end of science TV production. You’ll be pleased to know that the sorts of budgets Matt’s talking about are actually rather reasonable by terrestrial standards. Certainly enough to be worth your time, I’d have thought. Just leave your preconceptions at the door – with a web channel, there’s no need for formats to fill 30 or 60 minute slots, each show can run at whatever length suits it. And that’s a huge benefit.

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