First Rehearsal


Yesterday we were in with the lecturer, Sir John Krebs, bashing our way through the scripts and mucking about with a few simple demonstrations. We’re at that curious stage where, frankly, it can all feel a bit naff, like we’re putting on a play in school. But being in the RI’s theatre makes a huge difference, as does the energy and commitment of the team. We’re all, including John, giddily excited about doing the Christmas Lectures, and the sense of being a team working towards a common goal was palpable and somewhat thrilling. Sorry to gush, but that’s how it was.

In the photo, clockwise from the chap standing at the back – that’s Andy, the RI’s lecture theatre technician; Tom the researcher; Richard the producer; Sir John (another Yorkshireman, incidentally – I know that’ll please some readers here); James the Associate Producer; and Emma the production manager.

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  1. the weight of history is on your shoulders Jonathan… I was once in a hot tub with Danni Minogue, and I sat behind Melvyn Bragg on a plane.

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