Irritating Microsoft Word Bug of the Day

Word (Office 2004, Mac OS X) counts en-dashes as words, in the document word count. Hyphens aren’t counted. So… correct typography evidently contributes to larger word counts. Idiots.

Yes, I’m still writing the lectures. We’re in rehearsal all this coming week, with a safety pre-record on Tuesday, then we’re going out the week after Christmas. Damned scary right now, but I’m sure it’ll be fine. I just wish it wasn’t so (a.) late, (b.) sunny outside, and (c.) ruddy cold in the Royal Institution.

Meanwhile – it’s been a crazy hectic insane week, but a surprisingly social one, given that I’ve not been even vaguely coherent when not at a keyboard. I’ve seen Nikki and Anna and Jack, and Patrick, bumped into the not-seen-in-five-years Michelle, and Gareth and Violet took me to see Ben Moore‘s show Coelacanth, which was absolutely delightful.

Ah, London. Still looking for the gold-paved streets, but it’s otherwise OK.

2 thoughts on “Irritating Microsoft Word Bug of the Day”

  1. Have you discovered the wonders of Pages? (The Mac equivilant of Word). Microsoft products for Mac are never that good cos Bill wants you to think Macs are poo. Pages is lovely, very user friendly, I wrote a 20,000 dissertation on it and only screamed at it once. I dread to think how many times I would have thrown my ibook out the window if I’d been using word.

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