Merry Christmas!

This is, I fear, the closest I’ve got to Christmas cards this year… Merry Christmas, all! Have a lovely time.

I’m off to Richmond for a couple of days to see my chum Jack, but more importantly to sleep. I slept 10 hours straight last night, got up, had some food, then… fell asleep again. Bit pathetic, really. But hey, that’s what an eighty hour week does to me. Apparently.

The Christmas Lectures will be fine, I think; it’s largely out of my hands now. Certainly the transformation of the lecture theatre is gorgeous, and I’m hugely impressed with the director, David Coleman. He’s using lots of handheld cameras, and is trading seeing cameras in shot for a greater sense of involvement – it’s much closer to ‘being there’ than is traditional, and all the better for it.

The first three lectures are going to be prerecords, not live, for a whole raft of reasons. But Lectures 4 and 5, on Thursday and Friday, will be live transmissions. Yay!

There’s lots more to say about them, but… well, you’ll have to collar me in person to hear the full story. Meanwhile, enjoy the shows – they’re on Five from Boxing Day, nightly at 7:15pm.

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