Bloody Daleks get everywhere

DSC00087Jack gave me a dalek bottle-opener for Christmas, which has a delightful twist: every time it opens a bottle, it yells ‘EXTERMINATE!’, in a voice that, oddly, sounds less like a dalek than it does like Jack doing an impression of a dalek. Since I like my beer to be exterminated before I consume it, the opener (also known as the best thing ever) has a place in my utensils drawer.

Only, this particular dalek has a problem with its targeting system, in that it recognises any metallic object as a bottle cap. Thus, every time I open said drawer it bellows ‘EXTERMINATE!’, sufficiently loudly to scare the willies out of me.

Bloody daleks.

3 thoughts on “Bloody Daleks get everywhere”

  1. Now look here, you can just stop that right now. I can’t afford a Mac at the moment, no matter how many lovely looking whizzy features you dangle in front of me.
    Besides, I’m saving myself for a 17″ MacBook Pro.

  2. Huh, I managed to post that comment against the wrong entry. Just in case you were wondering why I was making less sense than usual (and if not, why not?).

  3. Hmmm, friends putting comments on wrong posts, bottle openers making noises every time you open the drawer… Are you sure you’re not just having lots of friends round, drinking your fridge and wine rack dry?
    Would certainly explain the noises and postings đŸ˜‰

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