Recently, I was accused of there being insufficient Mac geekery on this site. No, really, I was. Ingrates.

Shuffle on over to CoverFlow, then, download it, run it, and gawp at its gorgeousness. It’s yet another iTunes front-end thingummy. I’m still using and loving Clutter (and still bereft at the demise of Sofa), but CoverFlow might just usurp all others simply by being outrageously beautiful. Plus I’m something of a traditionalist and, you know, I like listening to whole albums.

Right now I’m using CoverFlow to page through my iTunes albums, then Clutter to do Amazon searches for albums that are missing artwork and to copy the results back to iTunes, then reloading that artwork into CoverFlow. Lather, rinse, repeat. It’s strangely satisfying and feels productive, though I’ve a sneaking suspicion I should be doing something else with my time…

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