New from the MySociety genii:, capsule the curiously-capitalised PlaceOpedia. Think Google Maps ? Wikipedia. Brilliant. Except that, as I write, all the links read


  1. Totally. There’s really not a whole lot new about the getting together part. It’s the way in which we’re organizing ourselves and the low cost of doing so that makes it interesting.
    I mean, the first Bar Camp was organized in six days on a budget of zero dollars. How did we do it? Using our Powerbooks, IRC, IM, email and blogs. That’s it.
    THe hubub over the Mash|Bar thing will come to pass, as it should. Giving more people the opportunity to have these experiences is what we’re all about and it only makes sense that we figure out ways to efficiently and cheaply help more of these things happen.

  2. Absolutely. I wasn’t intending any criticism – far from it – and I hope I didn’t sound snarky. I’m merely intrigued that we’re having to re-learn the process of the ad-hoc meeting when, presumably, it’s a concept as old as society. And I realised that, since it’s more than a dozen years since the BA camp I helped run, I’ve forgotten most of whatever I knew about such things. I’d have to relearn the lessons myself.
    Still, what I do remember is that it’s mostly down to a very small number of people (>= 1) getting off their arses and doing it.
    If you disorganise it, they will come.

  3. How about the original BoloCamp in the Old Biometry Room in Cambridge in 1988?
    Alerted by email and GROGGS, we converged there to make an ad hoc BBC Micro network using Stuart’s custom-soldered connectors in the serial ports, and played 16-player Bolo for hours…
    I feel a blog post coming on myself…

  4. Did you actually camp? Because if not, it really doesn’t count. Ordering in pizzas isn’t enough. Tsk.
    (Don’t mind me, I’m just sore because I arrived three years too late.)

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