A new direction of children’s TV

From Rosie, reading TV industry rag C21:

The conclusion was that CBeebies needs to attract older children, particularly boys aged four-six. “In general, CBeebies is weak on the heroes and the dinosaurs and the diggers,” says [channel controller] Deverell. “It needs to feel a little less gentile and a little more noisey and boisterous and surprising.”

She notes:

I think he meant ‘genteel’. At least I hope so, or there’s going to be a whole lot of very Jewish kids television.

To which I reply:

Can I blog that? Can I? Can I?

And Rosie responds:

Oh all right. I insist that there must be many gags playing on kids tv show titles, though.

Suggestions in the comments, please. Just skip the one about changing my font for blockquotes, I know that already.

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