The sky is falling! The sky is falling! Apple have software for dual-booting Windows on a Mac! Arrrrghhhh!

One can’t help wondering if this was intended to arrive earlier, and was delayed to avoid putting a real dampener on the Windows XP-on-Macs competition. After all, it’d have been a tad awkward if they’d claimed the $12,000 prize – though they’re still eligible for the graphics driver prize, I’d assume. Heh.

1 thought on “DOOOOOOMMMM!”

  1. On the plus side, the arrival of a supported OSXP is great news for colleges (well, at least one top notch Liberal Arts college tucked away in the darkest corners of Minnesota). More specifically, it’s good news for the folks that maintain the pulic and classroom labs (at least, the three folks who do this at the aforementioned college think so!). One machine to rule them all, if you like.
    With that in mind, by 3:00pm on the day it was announced, one of the ITS folks here had completed all the necessary steps on the Mac Book Pro we have in for testing. The push of a power button, the chime of a Mac, the press of an option key, the click of a mouse, and the Windows logo flapped gracefully across the screen.
    There was no implosion, nothing resembling a matter/anti-matter reaction, just a creeping sense of something unnatural entering the room…
    Oh, and one of the Mac guys gagged.

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