While nothing’s ever entirely certain in this world, it’s increasingly likely that I’ll be in London on Monday and Tuesday next week. Anyone want to claim dibs on hanging out and/or putting me up on Monday night?

Don’t all shout at once, now.

[update] Hmm. Looks like they’re tearing up the West Coast mainline this weekend – is quoting between eight and nine hours for the journey on Sunday. Ouch. I asked it to look at Saturday, and the only thing it’s offering so far departs Glasgow at 16:30, changes at Edinburgh, York, Leeds, Sheffield and Nottingham, and arrives at St. Pancras at 09:45. There’s a six hour change in Nottingham. Umm…


  1. There’s space here. Failing that, I’ll take the “hanging out” option.

  2. Well, if you’re stuck in Nottingham…

  3. Well, Ryanair will fly you from about �20 each way if you don’t mind an early morning. But that looks pretty likely anyway.

  4. And there’s Easyjet into ‘London’ Luton (cough).

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