A combination of being faffed around by people I may (or may not) be working for, bank errors, and the various airlines’ ludicrous ticketing systems have conspired to keep me in Glasgow for the moment. If it’s my money, I’m not coughing up £220. It was only £60 when I clicked ‘buy,’ but by the time my bank agreed that was reasonable, tickets were mysteriously rather more expensive. Ugh.

However, some of the people I should be meeting are still faffing, so not going gives them a little more time to get their act together. Hopefully, I’ll be down Thusday-Sunday next week. And yes, at the moment, traveling on Easter Sunday is weirdly plausible.

Now all I have to do is work out whether I’m traveling on the train from Leeds (going there via Cumbria)… or from Glasgow. Ugh. Too hard.

Thanks for all the replies pointing me to the various airlines servicing Glasgow/Prestwick and London (Various). I’m tempted to be snarky, but on reflection I suppose it is possible that I was being stupid enough not to know about them. But for the record, I’m trying to avoid domestic flights when I can – without going into the sums I suspect they’re the least-sustainable thing I do, so I’m trying to cut down. I wouldn’t mind so much if the trains didn’t usually end up costing more. Joined-up this transport and environment policy is emphatically not.

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