NTK then

So far as I can tell, this mp3 file is the soundtrack to the never-heard, long-lost, fabled, blah blah Channel 4 pilot based around NTK, from all the way back in the mists of time around The Second Coming of Jobs, and before the world-changing publication of… er… Starship Titanic. Hear Dave, Danny, and the crew generally rip the piss.

On the other hand, while the gags are mostly rather good, they tend towards the kernal-compilation end of obscure. It’s not hard to picture a commissioning editor watch the tape only to respond with a resounding ‘huh?’ One for the contemporary history/alternate timeline buffs, but the geekier amongst us will giggle rather a lot.

2 thoughts on “NTK then”

  1. Hehe good guess Jonathan, though these were actually live webcasts that we tried largely for the hell of it in late 1997/early 1998 – which doesn’t entirely excuse the incredibly overlong “Did it ruin your life?” feature, but there you go. We *might* get round to uploading the long lost C4 pilot one day, if I can ever bring myself to watch it again…

  2. Drat, I missed. How odd – I thought I’d been reading NTK for at least that long, but somehow I’ve completely forgotten that wonderful world long ago where RealPlayer actually worked and people thought about doing proper things with it. Oh no, hang on… it never worked, did it?
    I enjoyed the show, anyway. Though I think I might just possibly have cleaned the bath in the middle of the ‘Did it ruin your life?’ part. Sorry.

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