Creative Commons tools from… Microsoft?

Hnngh? What the… ? Microsoft have suddenly got all funky and released a Creative Commons license plug-in for Office, which allows you to specify a license type and tag your documents with it. How remarkably wonderful. Does OpenOffice have anything like this yet? KOffice? I think not. Odd odd odd.

Windows-only. Ah. Well, that’s OK then. Microsoft are still evil monsters bent on world domination, obviously.

Meanwhile: I’m being hit by comment spam again. This particular assault appears to be unfilterable, since it doesn’t link anywhere, and a whole bunch of (presumably zombied) PCs appears to be behind it. Quite what the objective is, I don’t know – with no links there’s no hope of even theoretical Googlejuice (even without the nofollow nonsense). I can only assume it’s genuine mindless violence, and/or testing a new botnet. Ugh. What a crazy world.

2 thoughts on “Creative Commons tools from… Microsoft?”

  1. Ah, so it’s not just me then 😉
    Some of them, strangely, link back to Microsoft, although it’s easy to filter out. You just look for microsoft and quality software in the same entry and delete 😉
    I’m sure it’s all part of another wave of proper spam, this is just the surge before the storm!

  2. i was getting piles of the stuff. I”ve gone back through all my entries and turned the comments off, mindnumbingly tedious but now i only have comments open on the posts on the main page. can’t stop the heaps of trackbacks though

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