Things we learned from tonight’s Doctor Who

In no particular order:

  • In 2012, Apple still haven’t changed the industrial design of their laptops. I mean, really!
  • For that matter, BBC News 24 looks exactly the same. I’m not sure if this is a bigger surprise than that it’s still going.
  • The cybermen are coming back! (which is something of a relief, since they felt a bit wasted earlier in the series).
  • Yes, we do find out more about Torchwood. Next week. Hurrah!
  • They really want us to believe that Billie Piper is bedeaded at the end of the series. Which probably means she isn’t, but there we go.
  • Astonishingly, it is possible to use the London 2012 and Olympic logos in a dramatic presentation. I was under the impression that such licenses were either impossible or prohibitively expensive, but evidently not. Or did the BBC manage to negotiate a sufficiently broad license that it covers even Doctor Who? Weird.
  • The Doctor was a father? What? When? Conor – you’re needed. Explanation, please.

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  1. You’re losing serious geek credit for that last point. The Doctor’s first assistant was his grand daughter after all so it’s pretty certain the he was a father at some point along the way, unless you’re prepared to bend the rules of space and time… oh, wait.


  2. I knew I wasn’t really needed. Susan of the ever-twisted ankle referred to the old geezer (like he was when he was younger) as ‘Grandfather’ and was certainly identified as one of his kind. On the other hand, he never came out with anything like ‘I promised your mother I’d look after you.’. Funny that. And he didn’t. He chucked her out at the first sign of a Scotsman poking her with a fish.


  3. Well, it was the girl’s laptop – unlike you we don’t all buy 3 brand new MacBooks all the time – a 6-year-old one is plausible in her bedroom.


  4. Heh, cheek! I just swapped out the boot drive in my G4 desktop — manufacture date ‘January 2002.’ Yikes.
    Buying MacBooks will be a joy. Getting shot of them a few weeks later is going to make me weep. 🙁


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