Top of the Pops cancelled: nobody agrees why

Well, I ask you. Read BBC News Online’s ‘how are we supposed to cover news about ourselves, again? Oh, that’s right. So long as every paragraph is one sentence long, nobody with an IQ will care’ round-up of reactions – is there really no solid reason behind this?

Of course there is, it’s just that ‘MTV, VH1 et al are cheap and, you know, really not bad for that sort of thing’ isn’t very interesting. So they’ve all made up some blather or other to ‘help’ explain why the show must go.

My favourite rationalisation is DLT’s:

“…the world has overtaken it. People are watching music videos on their mobile phones now.”

Yes, I’m sure both people who’ve tried that have had a huge impact on TOTP’s viewing figures.

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