Emergency chicken

Dang, I should be on the road to Manchester by now. I should also have written something – anything, really – for my project management session on Friday. However, I’ve just spent most of an hour tweaking a Christmas Lectures script snippet, about chickens.

Sir John and the RI bunch are in Tokyo, rehearsing for a British Council-sponsored run of last year’s lectures. And the chickens are unhappy.

They’re not, you see, the same sorts of chickens as we had in London. They are, however, real live chickens – which is something of a shock, since we’d rather assumed they wouldn’t be, and I’d tweaked the script to match. Some frantic last-minute tweaking has been going on, therefore, to write the chickens back into the script.

Such is my life.

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  1. I would imagine that one of the last conversations I had with you in real life was on this very specific topic.

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