James’ Variety Show — Sell-out

James’ Variety Show was a massive sellout, he reports:

The only publicity I had for this show was the website… owing to that fact, and the fact I was a one man band who was managing all the acts, I had to mainly use word of mouth to sell tickets, I could do little but expect a small turnout… I have only been in New York for 6 months and obviously don’t know that many people… I didn’t really expect it to be too big… I had only sold about 50 tickets a few days before the show.

Over 250 people turned up (we stopped counting); it was a massive success, have had nothing but positive feedback!

It was such a hoot – it was everything it should be. It was chaos backstage, strippers and cowboys and contortionists warming up together, me running round like a madman, the bearded lady turned up drunk and I had to sober her up… everybody got really really pissed and we were shouting at the stage… it was a total hoot.

I am ‘summering in Europe’ (thats what i say to the New Yorkers, in fact, I have to come back to sort out a visa), but this week I am looking to take this to a big 500 seat venue where they may let me run the show fri and saturday for fall and autumn…


See, I told you you should have been there.

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