Everything else catchup


  • Fingers crossed I have an interview in London next week, for a job in Dublin. Ooooh!
  • I’m making what I hope are the final changes to the scripts for the Ri Lectures tour to the Far East. Andy and the props are already heading out, but it seems lots of things rather fell apart yesterday. Currently, for example, there isn’t a GM researcher for the Japanese lectures. Which is mildly catastrophic, since we spent ages over Christmas trying to think of an alternative ending to the lectures and failed. I don’t think there’s much I can do about it; they’ll just have to find someone. Eek.
  • I’ve been invited to join Vox, Six Apart’s new social network-cum-blogging service. I doubt I’ll use it much – I’ve a fundamental aversion to people making advertising revenue from my writing, unless I’ve been paid for it – but it’s an interesting place to explore. I’m quern.vox.com – let me know if you’re on the system and we can do the ‘friends’ thing. Or is that gauchely 2005, now? I forget. Oh, and I think I can invite people in – let me know if you want a play.
  • I need to buy trousers. Today. In Chester. I’m not sure why you need to know that.
  • James’ Variety Show – now with correct spelling of the host’s name and links to most of the acts – is tomorrow night, in New York. Please, somebody go, then blog about it to tell the world how marvelous it was.

That is all.

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