Yesterday, the three computers on my desk totted up to 3.8GHz (1.25GHz & 933MHz G4s, and a 1.6GHz AthlonXP). Today, I have another 12GHz of CPU. Which is slightly intimidating, frankly.

The three 2GHz, dual-core MacBooks just arrived. First impressions:

  • They’re lovely, lovely forms. Just like the old iBook design, but turned up to ’11’.
  • The keyboard is excellent. Looks weird, works great.
  • Trackpad’s a bit weird. Will probably get used to it.
  • I’m surprised not to have seen comment about screen illumination evenness. It’s not, very. I’ll report more, later.
  • The whole unpack-boot-set up cycle is really, really well thought-through. Very nicely done, Apple.
  • Given that Apple stuff is made in different factories scattered around the globe, how come all their stuff smells the same? Do they spray it all with eau de électronique nouvelle?

More later. Right now, I have to run out and pick up some cameras. Woohoo! Toys!

2 thoughts on “GHz”

  1. I’ve seen numerous reports of uneven backlights on Macbook Pros – on both the 15″ and 17″ models. That said I’ve yet to get my hands on one for a serious play.
    Regardless, I’m sure they’ll still be a vast improvement on my current Dell supplied by work. Aside from the resolution, the quality of of the screen is simply dire. The constrast is terrible, in terms of brightness it comes a far distant second to my mobile phone, and it’s the whole screen is coated with an anti-reflective treatment that lends flat colours an irritatingly grainy appearance.

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