…and cameras too


This afternoon, I picked up a pair of ex-STV Sony PD100s. They’re old and worn, but absolutely perfect for what I’m doing. Small, relatively light, easy to handle, and yet with much better image quality than most domestic gear. And the price was… shall we say ‘right’? Scottish TV are moving buildings at the end of the month, and they’re trying to get shot of as much old kit as they can.

Since with the PD100s we can also do professional sound – and we’d saved a chunk of change on the cameras – I splurged on some decent audio gear. So I’ve a couple of Sony shotguns, a Rode shotgun, and a couple of boom poles. One of which is tacky as heck and will sound a bit rustly, but the other is gorgeous. OK, so we’ll be flying auto gain without a mixer, but as long as there are people tripping over XLR cables, it’s professional. That’s my new motto.

Tomorrow I’m going to grab a couple of tripods and a lavalier mic, then we’re all set. Except that I forgot to pick up any stock today, which is a bit stupid.

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  1. I have missed something here. What the chuff are you up to Jonathan?
    On another note, that medical podcast project stalled because the account manager was too busy to do the audience survey. The result is that she’s handed the project back to me, so I have some control. I am doing some pitch work for the next two weeks, but after that I should be able to use Thomson Medical Viewpoint to run the surveys and then we may have a project.

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