Amanda Unboomed

Now, I’m not about to claim that my post about RocketBoom caused this – I mean, hey, it’s not like anybody of any influence reads The Daily Grind, pfff! – but nevertheless, Amanda Congdon has been, so far as one can tell, fired. By her own company.

What’s really interesting about this clip is that as soon as she drops the ‘Gee! I’m presenting!’ façade and starts talking as herself, I find her instantly more watchable. But then, I seem to be in a substantial minority to have found Amanda the main reason I didn’t watch RocketBoom.

Anyway, track the Blogosphere’s reaction via – what else? – Technorati.

[update: the other side of the story is – as ever – claiming that she wasn’t fired, but quit. There’s also some speculation that this is all a scam for attention. Meh.]

[update 2: get the popcorn.]

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