‘Apple’s Teams’?

Apple’s new ‘MacOSXForge‘ site, home to the newly-released Intel xnu kernel sources (bang goes that conspiracy theory…), Webkit, etc etc, is also hosting their CalDAV server project. On the (Trac-based) wiki, instructions for configuring clients, including the Leopard preview version of iCal, and ‘Apple’s Teams’.

Wossat, then?

Oh, and anyone recognise the wiki package that’s being bundled with Leopard Server?

4 thoughts on “‘Apple’s Teams’?”

  1. Updating my own story here; supposedly, the wiki is a new all-Apple thing with a rather fine WYSIWYG editor (mutter mutter sounds like JotSpot mutter), and is a key part of the Teams applications. Which, yes, is a tool to support dispersed group working; the network-aware Address Book we’ve wanted for years, only with the ‘clever’ dial turned up to 11.
    Can’t remember sources, but Gruber was one.

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