‘Apple’s Teams’?

Apple’s new ‘MacOSXForge‘ site, home to the newly-released Intel xnu kernel sources (bang goes that conspiracy theory…), Webkit, etc etc, is also hosting their CalDAV server project. On the (Trac-based) wiki, instructions for configuring clients, including the Leopard preview version of iCal, and ‘Apple’s Teams’.

Wossat, then?

Oh, and anyone recognise the wiki package that’s being bundled with Leopard Server?


  1. Bastard. How’s this for gratuitous English abuse?
    “you can always revert back to a previous ”
    Now I have to kill you for spoiling my morning.

  2. Did I write that? I wouldn’t put it past myself…

  3. Oh no; it was on that Apple wiki page that you linked to — so I still blame you.

  4. Updating my own story here; supposedly, the wiki is a new all-Apple thing with a rather fine WYSIWYG editor (mutter mutter sounds like JotSpot mutter), and is a key part of the Teams applications. Which, yes, is a tool to support dispersed group working; the network-aware Address Book we’ve wanted for years, only with the ‘clever’ dial turned up to 11.
    Can’t remember sources, but Gruber was one.

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